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Born in Germany, her youth included an introduction to the art of embroidery, crocheting, and knitting from the women in her family. The Catholic nuns who were her teachers, recognized and encouraged her abilities and taught her sewing and mending, and under their strict discipline and guidance, her natural talents blossomed. Her flair for the arts was encouraged by the nuns and included the study of classical guitar, voice and traditional dancing and after Catholic school, ballet and ballroom dance.

Her discovery at the age of 17 by an agency photographer led to an extensive modeling career that stretched across the European Continent and allowed her full entrance into the world of high fashion industry. Working with designers, master seamstresses, embroiderers and fitters, her innate talents blossomed as she perfected the advanced skills and techniques associated with the design and production of couture. Traveling afforded Gabriele access to the great museums of Europe where she spent years studying textiles, clothing and historical fashions, incorporating this research into her designs.

Gabriele’s resume included work as a spokesperson for fashion corporations as well as a model for Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa Airline, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycle, Neckermann, Fiorucci, Mademoiselle, House of Brides, House of Daniele, Diane von Furstenberg, etc. Gabriele worked for Hessischer Rundfunk Television 1, where she performed in several television shows, acted as a stand-in body double for European celebrities and guest starred on Italian Television’s “Showbiz.”

In spite of her busy schedule, Gabriele graduated from Heinrich von Stephan College with a marketing / business / economics degree. She also successfully competed in several German beauty pageants, finishing first or second in all of them and in 1981 she was crowned Miss Quantas for the Australian airline. Gabriele decided to move to the United States where she continued modeling part-time and opened her own bridal atelier.

Over the next several years, she produced her exquisite collections of gowns which she then sold exclusively to Nordstroms couture department, to boutiques in Beverly Hills and Southern California and to private clients. These gowns were purchased and worn by Hollywood celebrities as well as her European clients. Her fashion design career was temporarily placed on hold when Gabriele married and her children were born.

During the last thirty plus years, Gabriele has lectured at various colleges and universities, high schools and middle and elementary schools throughout the United States. She has also produced, choreographed and directed many fashion shows and taught licensed classes in the art of international high fashion modeling.

Gabrieles various careers, world travels, cultural and historical studies and her God given talents and instincts have given her a unique insight into how to make a woman feel special and elegant, from proper etiquette, to how to walk, sit and carry oneself, to appropriate hair and shoe styles, makeup artistry, accessorizing gowns and much more. Dispensing advice to her ladies gives Gabriele great satisfaction and her reward is a happy smile or even happy tears because her ladies never knew that they could look and feel so beautiful.

With Gabriele you get so much more than just a bridal gown or elegant dress. You receive the attention and care of a woman who would love nothing better than to make all ladies beautiful, inside and out. “Thank Yous” from all over the world attest to the fact that she is accomplishing her mission.


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